Reitanlage in idyllischer Lage

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The riding-hall was built in 2002 with a size of 48 x 22 meters and has a special place for visitors.Three wall sides are closed with a windnet. There is a very good air circulation and the hall can be used even in the height of summer.The ground consists of a special sand. There is a sufficient number of fences.

The riding-place is 40 x 20 meters and close to the hall.

There is a special place to broom and wash the horses.

The boxes are the size 3,00 x 3,00 meters, some are bigger (3,30 x 3,30 meters or 3,00 x 4,00 meters). All boxes have a seperate drinking trough and a seperate light.

The paddocks are close to the stables and can be used throughout the year.There are up to 3 horses on one paddock. The size of the total paddock area is 8 ha (80.000 square meter).

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